This page provides documents, files, programs and other data which is produced during the IDEaliSM project for download.


Smart Engineering Event

The link below provides a password protected download section for the Smart Engineering Slides of the presentations of that day.

Smart Engineering Event – Download Bundle


Project Leaflet

IDEaliSM Project Leaflet


Work Package (WP) Documents

These are documents which were produced during the project to set up the basic background knowledge of the project and to coordinate the work throughout all partners.

WP 4 – Engineering Language Workbench

4.1 Standard Interfaces And Exchange Formats – baseline document

4.1.2 Requirement Specification and Standards for the Engineering Language Workbench – updated document

WP 6 – Dissemination and Exploitation

6.1 Dissemination Plan – baseline document

6.1 Dissemination Plan – updated document

6.1 Dissemination Plan – final document


News Paper, Magazines

The 25th issue of the ITEA Magazine contains an article about a member of the IDEaliSM project and its way into the actual consortium.


Workshops, Conferences

CAxMan 2016

The IDEaliSM Project was presented at the CAxMan 2016 (Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing) workshop in Barcelona by Jotne at 2th of May. The file below contains the program of the workshop and a small introduction of the speakers at the workshop.

CAxMan workshop May 2 program, introductions

Big Data Value Norway 2016

At the Big Data Value Norway 2016 in Oslo at the 28th of March the IDEaliSM Project was presented by Jotne. The file below contains the presentation of Jotne which also contains information about this project.

Big Data Value Norway Presentation

INCOSE Event – Air, Land, Sea Systems Engineering Tour Oslo 2016

At an INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Event, called Air, Land, Sea Systems Engineering Tour, at the 12th of September in 2016, the IDEaliSM project is presented represented by Jotne. The program of this event can be found below.

Air, Land, Sea Systems Engineering Tour Oslo Program