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Airbus Defence and Space is one of the three Divisions of the Airbus Group and Europe’s Number 1 defence and space company. It is the world’s second largest space company and one of the top 10 defence companies globally, with revenues of around €13 billion per year and approximately 38,600 employees. The Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space is Bernhard Gerwert. Airbus Defence and Space puts a strong focus on core businesses: Space, Military Aircraft, Missiles and related systems and services.

Airbus Defence and Space develops and engineers cutting-edge and peerlessly reliable products in the fields of defence and space. Its defence and space technology enables governments and institutions to protect natural resources, societies and individual freedom. The aircraft, satellites and services help to monitor the climate and crops, and secure borders. Airbus Defence and Space solutions guarantee sovereignty in foreign affairs and defence matters. And its portfolio also ensures communication, mobility, expansion of knowledge, and the safeguarding of the environment.

Airbus Defence and Space is composed of three Business Lines: Military Aircraft; Space Systems; and Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS). It brings together a wide portfolio to continue to meet the complex needs of its customers across the world, contribute to Europe’s defence and security, and secure Europe’s independent access to and utilisation of space. Among its flagship products are the transport aircraft A400M, the military jet Eurofighter and, in the framework of the Airbus Safran Launcher joint venture, the Ariane launcher.

The customers of Airbus Defence and Space are as diverse as its products – government defence and interior ministries, national and international agencies, institutions, civil authorities, major platform manufacturers, prime system contractors, NGOs, the industrial sector and commercial companies.

Airbus Defence and Space has strong European roots. Today, the Division counts more than 40 major locations in Europe, the majority being located in the four home countries of France, Germany, Spain and the UK. The company is also set to be one of the global leaders in the defence and space field and is expanding its global presence. Airbus Defence and Space is also located in India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and many other countries, among them French Guiana (Kourou) and Kazakhstan (Baikonur).

Airbus Defence and Space is an attractive employer and has outstanding international talent. The company employs colleagues from over 80 different nationalities. It can rely on unique research and development capabilities thanks to a highly skilled and qualified workforce. Over two thirds of its employees hold a university degree at graduate or postgraduate level. The remaining third is also highly qualified in order to live up to the requirements in the space and defence business. Very few companies in the world can boast engineering excellence and reliability that is so deeply rooted in everything they do. As a global pioneer, Airbus Defence and Space pushes boundaries – literally into orbit. The company challenges the status quo, always fully aware of the responsibility that comes with being part of the defence and space industry.

Nowhere are technology and engineering requirements more stringent and demanding than in the fields of defence, security and space exploitation. In its Business Lines, Airbus Defence and Space unites a range of capabilities and skills unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Military Aircraft, headed by Fernando Alonso, designs, develops, delivers and supports military aircraft, including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The Business Line is the leading fixed-wing military aircraft centre in Europe and one of the market leaders for combat, transport and tanker aircraft worldwide. Key products include the Eurofighter, A400M, A330 MRTT and C295/CN235 as well as UAS.

Space Systems, headed by François Auque, covers the full range of civil and defence space systems with its unique expertise. Its satellite system solutions for telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation and science include spacecraft, ground segments and payloads. As the European prime contractor for launchers, orbital systems and space exploration, its key systems include Ariane launchers, in the framework of a joint venture with Safran, the French deterrent force and European space cargo vehicle, the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle).

Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS), headed by Evert Dudok, is the “one-stop-shop” for satellite and terrestrial communication, intelligence and security services and solutions. The customer base encompasses both the government sector – notably defence and security forces – and the commercial sector, including transportation (maritime, airport, metro), energy (oil, gas and electricity), mining and agriculture. Key services and solutions include: military and commercial satellite communication services, command & control (C4I) systems, cyber security solutions and services, observation satellite-based geo-information services and – subject to divestment – professional mobile radio communication, emergency response centres (such as 9-1-1/112), and business communication services.

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