Noesis Solutions N.V.

Noesis Solutions is a simulation innovation partner to manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and other engineering-intense industries. Specialized in simulation process integration and numerical design optimization (PIDO), its flagship software Optimus helps customers adopt an ‘Engineer by Objective’ development strategy. Noesis Solutions, spun out of LMS International in 2003, followed a steady growth path ever since.

The ‘Engineer by Objective’ approach empowered by Optimus starts from the functional performance targets identified as critical factors for a successful new product. Optimus enables engineering teams to explore the entire design space, and perform multidisciplinary design optimization directing simulations toward the best-performing product design candidates. In addition, Optimus applies robustness and reliability concepts to ensure that designs become more insensitive to manufacturing tolerances and geometric variations.

Noesis Solutions utilizes its extensive experience in optimization and system integration methodologies to drastically increase the efficiency of established engineering practices and processes. The Optimus-driven approach leverages past corporate investments in human resources, software programs, engineering processes and computer hardware, by making sure they are used in the most productive way. Noesis Solutions delivers innovative process-capturing and federation services and technologies that lead to unprecedented return on investment. Solid industrial knowledge has been accumulated, also based on the experience acquired under the wings of LMS International, to make better-informed engineering decisions. Deeper engineering insights and knowledgeable engineering decisions enable manufacturing companies to deliver new products exhibiting higher quality, performance, reliability and safety.

Equally important is Noesis Solutions’ active participation in many national and European R&D projects targeting the development of new technologies. Research projects that entail the active involvement of Noesis Solutions include the EU-FP6-IP ICT project SIMDAT, the FP6-IP NMP PEGASUS, the EU international cooperation (INCO) in ICT with China BRIDGE, the EU FP7 ICT project SmartLM, the EU FP7 ICT project iProd, the EU PPP Factory of the Future project MEGaFiT, and the EU JTI Clean Sky Green Rotorcraft (GRC) ITD with the role of creating the reference simulation framework for GRC together with LMS International. Noesis Solutions also participated in ITEA2 and Belgian national research projects such as 3D Testbench (ITEA2), WTE+ (Flemish Government, IWT) and DREAMaaS (Flemish Government and IBBT). The main research fields cover process integration, capturing and improvement of engineering knowledge within multidisciplinary industrial processes, advanced methods for modeling and optimization of the behavior of large engineering systems in the virtual prototype stage, parallelization of computational effort, and quality and robustness assessment of the final product. The key research tracks addressed by Noesis Solutions are integrated simulation frameworks, large-scale optimization and high performance computing (including Cloud virtualization).