Use Case 3: Cockpit in 3 Weeks

The use case ‘Cockpit in 3 weeks’ describes the overall innovation goal of DRÄXLMAIER: to develop an automotive cockpit wire harness within 3 weeks. The challenge in the automotive cockpit development is to integrate mechanical, electrical and electronic components inside the provided installation space including the interconnecting wire harnesses. During the development process the mechanical and electronic requirements have to be considered and met. Daily occurring design changes also have to be taken into account and require a suitable development environment.


With the automation technologies developed and provided within the IDEaliSM project significant cost and lead time reductions in the cockpit wire harness development are expected. Besides this acceleration of the cockpit wire harness development process, through automation, equivalent or even better product quality is expected.

The application and adaption of the techniques for the multidisciplinary design optimization developed inside IDEaliSM for the cockpit wire harness development process will strengthen DRÄXLMAIER’s position to automotive OEM. With these novel automation technologies DRÄXLMAIER will contribute to the enhancement of wire harness development processes in a significant way.